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• 500 COMLEX-style questions and cases
• Online access available when you are
• Take each exam as many times as you like, and track your progress
• 5-in-1 answers with detailed, thorough explanations for each question and every answer option
• Scoring that allows you to see your performance and progress
• Tests of varying sizes to accommodate your schedule
• All exams utilize the same timing formats as COMLEX
• Exams that cover all boards relevant topics (Internal Medicine, OB-Gyn, OMT, Pediatrics,
  Surgery) and formatted as General Exams and Topic Specific exams.

Service Benefits

• Unlimited access to each exam for the duration of your QuestionQuest account duration
500 COMLEX-style questions and cases

• 5-in-1 answers for each question
• Scoring that is recorded in your account for easy reference and easy tracking of your
  performance and progress
• Exams of varying sizes to accommodate your schedule for that day
• Exams that are Topic Specific plus Exams that cover everything like boards (General Exams)
• Included with all Level 2 BBC programs

Level 2 QuestionQuest online question bank comes FREE with any Level 2 Boards Boot Camp program.



Updated for 2018 COMLEX!

As usual, updated and modernized
questions and cases to keep up with the evolving changes in COMLEX

More image-based questions and cases

Unlimited access complimentary with any Boards Boot Camp program

Access and/or
take each exam as many times as you like
to monitor your progress


"These were much more challenging than I expected - and the explanations were
really thorough (and helpful) but not too wordy.... I feel they were a good use of my time," a MSUCOM student, '10

"Awesome - I really like these -
did all of them - and it paid off. Thanks!," a UMDNJ student, '07

"Some of my classmates bought
every Q bank out there. I just used these, and found them to be a
good preparation for the real thing. I saved money and did quite well on boards!," a Western U/COM student, '08



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