Boards Boot Camp Level 2

Mock Exams

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• Full day online exams
• Designed to “mock” or imitate COMLEX, giving you the opportunity for a boards-like
  experience – designed, constructed, and formatted similarly to boards
• To be taken 10-14 days prior to boards, and designed to assess level of boards preparedness
  just prior to boards
• Full evaluation and assessment of your skills in terms of Organ Systems – plus identification
  of dozens of specific mini-topics that need special attention for your study success
• Evaluation Report that details your organ system strengths and weaknesses, that identifies
  whether you passed the Mock Exam, and lists mini-topics that will need special attention prior
  to boards for an 11th hour boost to the score

Service Benefits

(8) hours of online exams to diagnose your strengths and weaknesses
Diagnose your Organ System strengths and weaknesses, and specific topics that need attention
2 or more page report that details all assessment findings with respect to organ
  systems and special-needs topics
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